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If you want to get to emergencies faster – we can help. We help fire teams cut turnout time each month. Below are some quick testimonials from our customer, the Chief of the Glendale Fire Department, Silvio Lanzas. He explains the ROI he has seen from partnering with us. Including how mySidewalk has helped Glendale Fire reduce turnout times, and show why what they do matters. 

Glendale Fire + mySidewalk Success
  • Data driving decisions to help save more lives
  • Reduced turnaround times
  • Measurable improvement in ROSC rates
  • Helped create a culture of continuous improvement
  • Showing the value of the work, and why they do what they do

“Truly we all signed up to be firefighters to save lives. Being able to see data that helps you drive decisions and perform at a level where you’re able to save more lives, that’s ultimately why we signed up for this job.” 

Fire Chief Silvio Lanzas Glendale Fire Department

Chief Silvio Lanzas

Reducing Turnout Times With mySidewalk

As a new leader to the Glendale Fire department, Chief Lanzsas’s goal was to create a culture of change and pursuit of excellence. He believed the critical area that firefighters had the greatest responsibility to influence was improving turnout time. 

This became his primary focus. The second was reducing dispatch call processing time. 

mySidewalk proved to be an integral tool in achieving both objectives. 

"My goal is to leave this department better than I found it," he said. "mySidewalk has been a key part of that process and has empowered me to change the culture and improve turnout times. When we see that turnout time is decreasing, that means our productivity is increasing, and we’re trending positively.”

This heightened focus on response times has innovated how Glendale evaluates the department’s overall performance – they even use it as an employee evaluation metric.

Data That Shows Why Their Work Matters 

Glendale Fire described their tangible mySidewalk ROI as the reduction in turnout times. 

But beyond the tactical deliverables, our partnership has empowered them to measure and share their data in a way that shows their stakeholders the impact their work is having.

As Chief Lanzas put it: “We in the fire service know what we do, and how we do it, but oftentimes it’s not clear why we do what we do. 

"Through the delivery of data and the telling of the story, mySidewalk has allowed me to show why we do what we do. And I think that has a big, big impact.”

Using mySidewalk's Fire Performance Dashboard has empowered the Glendale team to show the people who deliver service over 19,000 times a year, why their work matters.

The Right Data Saves Lives

We are honored to work alongside the Glendale Fire team. We consider them friends as well as customers. Here's how Chief Lanzas described our partnership:

“What I would say to someone who is considering mySidewalk as a dashboard for performance metrics, is you will not find an organization, who is friendlier, more professional, and more dedicated to what they’re doing than mySidewalk. 

From the very start, the entire team has worked with us to build our dashboard. They’ve been dedicated to making sure that it meets our needs. And really, we've built a friendship. I don’t look it at this as a contractor providing a service. I look at it as friends giving us the tools to better do our job. And I truly think that no organization will regret the decision of looking at mySidewalk for their data-driven decisions.”

Glendale Fire is a true leader in the safety industry. 
They are also proof that having the right data can help you save more lives. 

See It for Yourself 

We’re excited to partner with Glendale Fire to scale their mySidewalk success and create a City Performance Dashboard, that will incorporate all of their divisions. Our goal is to democratize their data and deliver a story that conveys the impact of their work. A story they can share with their residents, and with one another.

asset-+browser-Emergency+Response+PerformancemySidewalk has partnered with hundreds of fire departments across the country to help teams get to emergencies faster.

For example, we’ve helped the Springdale, AR Fire Department cut 30 seconds off of their ERF total time, see their dashboard.

We've also helped fire teams like Monrovia improve their goals by 10%, see their dashboard.


Fire Performance dashboard empowers you with the data you need to make
 critical decisions:

  • Incident analysis: how many incidents, where, and what kind.
  • Response analysis: metrics for six response time categories to help you understand how long responses take and maps to identify where times are highest.
    Goals analysis: clear understanding of how often (and where) benchmarks are met for each response time category.
    Granularity: we know you need more than an overall number. We'll perform all three types of analysis for your fire department as a whole and for each station.
Bottom line, if you're interested in using the best fire data to save more lives, we can help.

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